Yeast Infection No More Chapter 6 (Part 2 )

Yeast Infection Cured!


Step 3: Maintaining the correct acid / alkaline balance in the body.

I didn’t know before reading Linda Allen’s own Yeast Infection No More review that the body functions best with a slightly alkaline chemistry.

Unfortunately a lot of the food we eat is quite acidic in nature. So to enjoy the best of health it’s necessary to consume foods that promote alkaline conditions in the body.

The consequences of over-acidity are explained in step 3, and the foods that you can take to create more alkaline, more suitable and natural, conditions inside the body are also listed.

Step 4: The Importance of Raw Food

Now don’t panic! This does NOT mean you have to convert your diet to raw fruit and vegetables, finely grated, at every meal time! Raw food is supplementary, an addition to your diet, more a back-up than anything else.

This is simply about the fact that raw food has definite advantages for the body — producing an environment in which yeast cells like Candida can’t multiply out of control being just one of them.

So the basic message here is that you should up the amount of raw food you’re eating in your diet, to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for good health.

And good food is easier for the body to digest. Even better, it doesn’t have to be boring! There are endless varieties of mouth-watering foods bursting with flavor and zest which you can prepare from raw materials.

Step 5: Avoiding Food Allergens

Whether you know it or not, if you have a yeast infection, you probably have some kind of food allergy. Additional clues will be the way you feel after eating certain foods.

So the first thing is to identify what these allergies might be, and then to adopt a diet which excludes substances to which you are sensitive. (I tried to do this once, without the guidance of a program like Yeast Infection No More, and I can tell you that it was pretty challenging!)

But with the help of the systems Yeast Infection No More provides you should be able to identify your allergies quite quickly, which means you can eliminate them from your diet and add yet another defense against Candida infection to your armory.

Step 6: Optimizing Digestion

This is simply about adopting correct eating habits. Although that may sound simple, optimal digestion is just as important as the quality of the food you eat.

This means looking at which foods you eat, the way you eat them, and how you combine the foods you eat. It’s a very revealing and fascinating insight into our modern Western lifestyle.

This includes such things as inappropriate food combinations, hastily gulping down meals, and so on – can affect the body’s natural ability to defend itself against infection.

You’ll be astonished by what you learn here!

Even if you don’t change your diet, I suspect some of these simple ideas could really transform your health for the better.

You might have heard of systems of combining particular types of food to put less stress on the digestive system; you may even have tried a food combination diet. More or less, this means avoiding certain food groups at the same meal.

If so, you’ll know it isn’t so easy…..unless you have a review of Yeast Infection No More at hand!

The reasons why food combining can be so beneficial are explained in detail, and the perfect combinations of food you can eat are also listed for you. It’s a lot simpler than you might expect, and a clear signpost to good health.

I like to think of it as establishing much better communication with your body.

When you think about it, we’re all a bit cut off from our bodies and what they might be telling us…. so if you take the time to listen into your body and establish better communication with it, you might be amazed at how it responds with good health and additional energy!

And there isn’t anything mystical or mysterious about this process.

An example of good communication with your body would be to tune in and discover how to distinguish real hunger from food cravings, addiction, the need for food as relief from boredom, or the need for food to supply excitement or a sugar hit.

When you know how to tune into your body and find out what it really wants, you’re never going to be fooled by the things that your mind is telling you: like, for example, “I must have ice cream right now.”

There’s nothing wrong with ice cream, but eating it just because you have a craving for it, isn’t going to help your health in general, or your Candida infection in particular.

Reviewing how your body responds to such things is vital in establishing good health. This yeast infection no more review is genuine and independent.

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