Chapter 4 – Killing Candida Before It Kills You!

A Quick Solution For Yeast Infections

In Chapter 4 of Yeast Infection No More, Linda Allen give you a basic 12 hour “relief” treatment.

This is  designed to provide powerful, effective and total relief from the symptoms of yeast infection almost immediately, and certainly in no more than a maximum of 6 to 12 hours. 

This treatment continues to give relief from the symptoms while you go through the full holistic program described in Chapter 6 – that’s where you’ll find a permanent cure.

But back to Chapter 4.

I can testify, from personal experience, that these home remedies work. 

Back in 2010, having acquired a genital yeast infection from a long-term sexual partner, without understanding what it was initially, and then finding that we reinfected each other since we were making love without condoms, I bought Yeast Infection No More and used the immediate 12 hour relief program in Chapter 4.

Within 6 hours all of the itching and irritation around my genitals had disappeared, and within 12 hours all of the redness and soreness had also disappeared. By continuing to use this treatment for 3 days, the skin healed and the cracks and flaky skin that had been developing disappeared completely.

Photos of genital yeast infection

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I then went on to make some minor additional changes to my diet based on the long-term holistic yeast treatment set out in Chapter 6, and to my slight surprise (I must admit to being a little bit cynical at first) the problem cleared up completely and has never returned.

One of the great advantages of the natural remedies in the basic 12 hour relief treatment is that they all easily obtainable and very cheap – certainly a lot cheaper than prescription or over-the-counter medications like Canesten. And I think they are a lot safer too.

Chapter 4 is perhaps one of the most valuable of the whole program in my opinion, simply because of the immediate relief that you can get from such troublesome symptoms.

So great and quick is the relief that in my opinion, this chapter alone is worth the cost of the investment.

A Quick Cure For Yeast Infections Symptoms

 Linda offers an easy and safe way of dealing with these annoying symptoms of yeast infection very quickly. All you need are some simple, easily obtainable materials which you will have at home or which you can get in your health food store.

She shows how materials such as garlic, yogurt, honey, and some natural products such as tea tree oil and probiotic bacterial cultures will quickly and effectively eliminate the symptoms of Candida.

Now, it’s been known for a long time that things like tea tree oil are effective antifungal agents. In fact, this has been used by native peoples in Australia for millennia.

I think in the western world we’ve lost touch with how this and many other natural products can alleviate the symptoms of all kinds of illnesses and bodily problems.

Yet when you think about it, the existence of natural anti-fungal agents is not so surprising.

The human race evolved in an environment which contained a whole range of plant and animal species which we exploited for their medicinal properties.

And lots of these natural antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic compounds will significantly improve the symptoms of any yeast infection. And happily, Linda Allen lists the most easily obtainable ones.

What’s interesting to me is that when I did some research on this I found there is now lots of scientific evidence that proves these natural remedies are genuine cures. You can see an example of this research here.

That’s only one piece of a whole body of research. I’m not going to bore you by giving you references to all the other scientific investigations which have been done on this subject. You can easily research that on the Internet yourself if you wish.

The point I’m getting at here is that in reviewing Yeast Infection No More, what I’m finding is that science supports what Linda Allen says in Yeast Infection No More. 

With this proof, are there any difficulties? No. My only reservations about her program it’s that there is so much information available, although I certainly understand why it’s been included.

But for people who have a skeptical nature, or who need scientific proof – and let’s face it, in the area of health that’s a pretty sensible attitude to have – this is the kind of information that’s essential.

The material included is often based on scientific research  as listed in Wikipedia. Here’s an example of how the derivatives of the castor oil plant can help.

This is all confirmation of the fact that the program is not only soundly based on good science, but also that it actually works. Even so, as I said before, sometimes I feel there is a bit too much information.

Since I’ve reviewed Yeast Infection No More in detail, and coming from a professional scientific background myself, I can honestly say that the information here is sound and solid, and you can go ahead and skip some of the background information in this review and just “leap in” and buy the program (click here).

Linda Allen Will Answer Your Questions

The publishers act on feedback and listen to people who have comments or questions about it. I see this as yet another reassuring sign of the quality of this company and Yeast Infection No More in particular.

Home remedies for yeast infection symptoms are both safe and effective. And Linda Allen claims the 12 hour yeast relief program has been used by thousands of men and women suffering from yeast infection.

So, crazy though it may sound to smear yogurt all over your genitals (yes, this is one of the immediate symptom relief techniques), this really helps reduce the intensity of the symptoms massively.

Why? Because yogurt contains Lactobacillus and Acidophilus in huge quantities, and these are “good” probiotic bacteria that effectively destroy Candida and eliminate its symptoms.

This is a great example of the kind of real science that lies behind yeast infection home remedies!

Other compounds which can do this include apple cider vinegar, honey, raw garlic, and all-natural herbal washes: each and every one of these treatments is described in detail with precise instructions about how to use it. 

They’ll give you immediate relief from the itching and irritation and the other symptoms of Candida that are so annoying and uncomfortable. Find out how to use them in Yeast Infection No More!