Nutritional Supplements

There are also specific anti-yeast nutritional supplements which can kill Candida.

After the detoxification and purification regime, Linda Allen recommends that you use these anti-yeast supplements in order to eliminate Candida from your system.

Having done that, of course, you need a dietary regime and a healthy lifestyle which will prevent Candida over-growing again in the future.

Yeast Infection No More provides three protocols using natural substances that will act as powerful antifungal agents to destroy Candida in your system.

The first is Olive Leaf Extract combined with Oil of Oregano. The second and third approaches are proprietary substances – you can get them from suppliers listed in the Yeast Infection No More eBook.

I mentioned above that stress is a major cause of immune system weakness.

That’s why there’s a substantial part of the main Yeast Infection No More eBook (around 20 pages) devoted to stress reduction using such wonderful techniques as yoga, meditation, alternative and complementary therapies, moderate and mild exercise and so on.

Even if you believe that you already have a healthy lifestyle and you are managing your stress well, this is definitely information you can benefit from.

For example, I didn’t know about how exercise can increase levels of endorphins and neurotransmitters. Nor did I understand how meditation could be enjoyed so easily, using a simple mantra or breath work.

These are extremely powerful stress reduction techniques and certainly give you more power to control your health. You should have no more worries about ill-health with these simple solutions!

And I found the information on transforming negative to positive thinking absolutely astounding. (Although not as astounding as its impact when I actually tried it!)  

This must be one of the most powerful mood altering techniques ever devised and I highly recommend it to you. 

What else? Well, as the author says, many people seem to have major problems getting good sleep in our modern society.

Sleep is a natural state of rest during which the body actually rejuvenates itself. If you’re not sleeping well, then you’re not only impacting your immune system, but you’re gradually building up a level of stress and tension, both emotional and biological, which diminishes your ability to resist infection with Candida.

So common sense – as well as science – tells us that it’s absolutely vital to get good sleep every day – what a shame then that so few of us actually do!

Linda Allen provides a sleep optimization plan in her Yeast Infection No More Review which works very effectively.

Like various other parts of the program, I’ve tried this myself, and I can confirm that it does indeed work well: it’s a combination of simple and maybe obvious things such as avoiding heavy meals or mental stimulation before bed, and others, perhaps less obvious, such as taking particular food and drink to accelerate sleep and give you more restful sleep.

I mentioned before that we shouldn’t regard these things as mere “home remedies”. That’s actually a term which encompasses a great many helpful substances.

Tea tree oil, for example, as explained elsewhere on this website, is now being investigated by scientists, who are finding it has dramatic anti-fungal properties.

Another such home remedy for yeast infection which is now having its credentials checked out by scientists is allicin, the active compound in what we might call the traditional home remedy of garlic. These things work!

There’s also a vitally important section on good personal hygiene and sexual precautions which can avoid passing yeast infection between partners.

This is  particularly important because both men and women can be infected with Candida and show no symptoms, but they may well pass it on to their sexual partner if they are having unprotected sex.

There also some rather unexpected points made here: women making love when not fully aroused may have a dry vagina, lacking lubrication, which can lead to minute tears in the lining of the vagina. This facilitates the entry of Candida into the tissues, where it can multiply dramatically, forming a virulent infection.