Yeast Infection No More – Detox and Cleansing

Internal cleansing and detoxification.

If you’ve been eating a diet that doesn’t suit your body, and especially if it’s been producing toxins, a good cleansing program will release you from many disease symptoms. And that includes yeast infections!

Even better, it will also give you mental clarity, a boost to your energy, and a much more positive mental attitude.

In fact, the reality is that yeast problems respond extremely well to the process of cleansing, and so a three-day juice cleansing is an optional step in the Yeast Infection No More system.

It allows you to cleanse your gut, expel toxic substances from your body, and re-balance and normalize your entire body’s biochemistry.

Once again, there are complete instructions on how to manage a cleansing of your body; and you’re given a choice of several methods that you can use for this. Fasting is one option, though you do get to enjoy some delicious foodstuffs while you fast, so things could be worse!

If you decide to fast – and this is the way to do it easily and painlessly – there’s also some very practical and useful advice in Yeast Infection No More. This includes advice  on how to recognize when it’s time to break the fast, tips for a successful fast, and various options such as the three-day juice cleanse. (This actually allows you to consume much more than just juice.)

You can also read about things to consume and not consume as you cleanse, and how to prepare the food you consume during a cleanse.

It’s really valuable information, gathered together in a form that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes recommendations about where you can actually get the products you need to take to aid in purification and detoxification. Excellent!

As part of a cleanse, and also for your ongoing diet, Allen describes exactly what you should be looking out for if you’re juicing fruit and vegetables, how you should consume these products, what you might expect to happen when you do, and what to do about symptoms that might develop as you detoxify.

There’s also a lot of information on how you can actually assist your body to eliminate and remove toxins.

This isn’t just about eliminating toxins from the colon. It’s also about helping the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin to assist the body in the process of detoxification.

The more information you have, the better things tend to go for you.

For those who are really dedicated to the idea of cleansing the body there’s a whole section in Yeast Infection No More reviews how to remove a buildup of toxic waste from the colon using enemas.

This information, I think, is extremely valuable, because it removes any sense of unpleasantness from the process and explains why colon cleansing can help you to better health.

More importantly, the author explains the processes you should use during a colon cleanse to ensure the detox enema goes smoothly and that the good intestinal bacteria which are flushed out in the cleansing are replaced after you’ve had the enema.

And it’s not actually an unpleasant process if you do it yourself, in the privacy of your own home. Indeed it can be – dare I say it?– relaxing and even enjoyable.

Regardless of that, it’s certainly a good way to clean up your bodily environment and so prevent Candida from flourishing.

One key element of a good diet that will keep Candida at bay is extracting the highest possible level of nutrients and vitamins from fruit and vegetables by juicing them.

Not only does this allow you to produce delicious and extremely healthful drinks, it allows you to maintain a good bodily environment after you’ve gone through cleansing and purification protocols.

Better, healthier, fitter, more energy, no more health niggles… what more could you want?

Juicing is quite an art, because you need a machine that extracts juice at low speeds and low temperatures.

Once again, Linda Allen comes to the rescue in Yeast Infection No More, reviewing a particular model that will fulfill all the requirements for maintaining the nutritional value of the food that you put in it.

There is also information in this section on heavy metal cleansing (which means getting rid of lead, silver and mercury from the body), how to recognize a “healing crisis”, and what to do about. In case this concept is new to you, I’ll just explain a little bit about what it means.

The healing crisis is a natural part of any process of purification and elimination during which the body is working to expel waste products and regenerate itself into a balanced state.

Essentially the healing crisis is the result of the toxins being released and removed. This can happen in several ways, such as by fasting or cleansing.

Clearly the more intense the fast or cleanse, the faster the toxins will be released, and so the worse you’re going to feel.

Typical symptoms of detoxification include headaches, emotional symptoms, tiredness, possibly nausea… and so on.

It’s important to understand that during any detoxification process these symptoms are normal – they are an indication that your body is naturally rebalancing.

All of the stages of a healing crisis and how to deal with them are explained in Yeast Infection No More, together with an explanation of what you can do to minimize the impact of the symptoms on yourself and accelerate the healing process.