Chapters 5 & 6 Of Yeast Infection No More

Review of Yeast Infection No More: Chapter 5

As Linda Allen explains, Yeast Infection No More is a complete program of home remedies aimed at both women and men.

You’ll find it helpful if you experience extra mild to severe forms of yeast infection which just go on and on without any long-term relief.

The main purpose of the treatment is to change the environment in the body for the better, so that it no longer allows massive and irritating yeast infections  to develop.

So while Chapter 4 of the book is about a short-term fix for the symptoms, and as you’ll have gathered from my review above, it’s one that’s immensely effective, it isn’t a long-term cure for the underlying cause of Candida albicans overgrowth.

Chapter 5 is a lighter and simpler program, a cut down version of Chapter 6, designed for dealing with yeast infections of a less severe nature.

Chapter 6 is the heavy duty “big guns” for seriously bad infections.

I think this is a very neat and convenient solution for people who don’t have a infection serious enough to warrant following the whole program.

You see, the “cut down” version in Chapter 5 is short, very practical, very simple, and easy to follow. Even so, it will give you much relief in a Candida infection.

You get a series of protocols to follow that are designed to cover a period of between 8 and 10 weeks. They fall into several sections which are as follows:

  • dietary guidelines and improvements in digestion
  • immune system enhancement and natural nutritional supplementation
  • detoxing, parasite cleansing and liver cleansing
  • anti-Candida routines to prevent reinfection
  • replenishing probiotic bacteria (so-called friendly bacteria)
  • reducing stress, optimizing sleep, and ensuring you get enough exercise
  • using correct hygiene guidelines and taking sexual precautions to prevent reinfection on a daily basis

A Review Of Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is the main body of Yeast Infection No More.

This is the full holistic system designed to permanently cure yeast infection and prevent its recurrence. It’s about yeast infection home remedies – the use of natural, wholesome, nutritionally balanced foods or essential oils like tea tree as antifungal agents.

These are not prescription medications and they can be used at home, which makes them home remedies as far as I’m concerned.

However,  I can understand why Linda Allen prefers the term “holistic“. This is a term which refers to many approaches. These include taking responsibility for your own well-being and your own health, and the whole approach goes deeper than a quick, short-term solution.

After all, the symptoms of a Candida infection indicate some underlying imbalance in the body. And the word “holistic” means restoring full vitality and good health.

Even though you may not know it right now, any yeast infection which pervades your body is going to be depriving you of energy.

It’s also going to be sapping your immune system, and producing a variety of symptoms of greater or lesser inconvenience! These include bloating, flatulence, abdominal cramps, genital irritation, skin rashes and so on.

Now Is the Time To Take Control!

The idea that each and every one of us can take individual responsibility for our own health is somewhat radical. In many parts of the Western world we look to medical science to provide “a pill for every ill”.

But many people don’t have medical cover. Equally, plenty of people have moved away from conventional medicine to a more self-reliant form of healthcare for one reason or another.

This Yeast Infection No More review describes how to eliminate the factors that make it possible for yeast infection to thrive inside your body. And to do it, I might add, without the cost and the side effects of over-the-counter or prescription medications.

If used correctly, it’s my belief that home remedies are 100% effective. And of course they are extremely easy to use.

More to the point, you won’t have any of the unpleasant side effects that you can easily get with over-the-counter and prescription medications like fluconazole.

By the way, I haven’t actually mentioned that my partner is a holistic therapist. She sees this kind of thing in her clients every day, and has recommended yeast infection no more to them several times, with complete success in all but one case.

How It Works

As I said before,  yeast infection home remedies will cure the infection and eliminate its symptoms once and for all, ensure it never comes back, and maintain perfect health.

This is because you are permanently eradicating Candida albicans infection by neutralizing the environment in your body that keeps it alive and allows it to thrive.

By implementing the steps in the Yeast Infection No More home remedy program are you going to be able to go beneath the symptoms of this problem and cure it once and for all.

The result of this commitment is that you’re going to be feeling relieved, energized, vibrant, young, mentally alert, physically fit, healthy and alive in a way you may never have felt before!

Also, bear in mind that although you may be see some of the natural remedies in Yeast infection No More as a little unconventional, they are quite powerful chemicals with the ability to act as antifungal agents.

You can review yeast infection treatment using control by natural agents here. This will give you a sense of how effective these natural remedies can be.