Yeast Infection No More Reviewed

Wherever yeast infection strikes, it can be very uncomfortable

Wherever yeast infection strikes, it can be very uncomfortable

Yeast Infection No More is a home treatment solution for everyone with yeast problems!

But rather than just tell you that the system “really works”, I’m going to take a different approach in this review. I’m going to tell you what’s in the system, so you can decide if you want to try it.

This looks more honest than writing yet another “review” – of which there are more than enough on the internet already.

So. Yeast Infection No More is written by Linda Allen (more about her later). She’s put a lot of effort into this project.

The main part of the program is a downloadable eBook, 240 pages long.

Don't be put off by the size of the eBook

Don’t be put off by the size of the eBook

With such a big book, you might wonder how you can take it all in…. but the good news is you can pick and choose the bits you want to use. And how are you going to do that? By reading my Yeast Infection No More “review”, of course! That’s a review which isn’t a review….

The truth is, you won’t be overwhelmed with all this information.

I’m here to help you – first to decide if you want to buy it, and second to tell you exactly what the eBook contains and how you might use the program to cure a yeast infection.

That way, YOU can decide whether or not this is the right treatment for you.

And if you just want to have a look at the system right now, click here to check it out.

A Yeast Infection No More Review (One That Really Is Honest And Genuine – Because It ISN’T A Review!)

The author says YINM is “a system for dealing with yeast infections anywhere in the body”, though I guess most of the customers who buy it will have genital yeast infections.

A complete system for good health

A complete system for good health

And it’s not just a collection of yeast infection home remedies: it’s a complete system for stopping yeast infections and preventing them from happening again in the future.

It comes as an eBook written by a medical researcher named Linda Allen and it’s published by Higher Ways Publishing Inc., a company which publishes several products in the health field – among others, they produce Heartburn No More, by Jeff Martin.

The staff of this company are experts in the field of health care. They know what they’re doing. They have access to high quality medical resources. They’re focused on health and well-being. And they care about what they do.

That impression is backed up by the appearance of the eBook: the publishers have invested a lot of time and money in designing and producing their website and this eBook. I know appearance isn’t everything, but it’s one of the ways that you can distinguish between serious operators and the cowboys, the fly-by-nights.

Thus, my first impressions are good, but let’s move on to look at the content. The Yeast Infection No More eBook is a bumper 240 pages long, but don’t be put off by that – it’s not in any way overwhelming! That’s because you can pick and choose which bits of the system to use for your particular infection.

By the way, if you’re bored with me already, you can click here to see the product right nowyeast-infection-no-more-eBook

The material is arranged into six chapters and four appendix sections. Here’s a review of exactly what’s in them:

Chapter 1: This is an introduction to the program, telling you how the author, Linda Allen, cured her ongoing and very serious problems of yeast infection using holistic health and complementary medicine.

Chapter 2: This chapter gives you the facts about yeast infection. As you probably know yeast problems are usually caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. Linda Allen explains the causes of yeast infection, the various types of yeast infection, the signs and symptoms of yeast infection in different parts of the body, and the different complications that can arise.

(By the way, you can see a much more detailed review of the contents of Yeast Infection No More, chapter by chapter, below…)

In the second part of chapter 2 Linda Allen also explains the difference between a conventional medical approach and a complementary or holistic approach – what you might call home remedies – to this problem.

Over the counter medication might not be the right answer to all life's problems

Over the counter medication might not be the right answer to all life’s problems

She tells you why over-the-counter medications may not be quite as helpful as they seem, and of course why home remedies might be a better way to deal with the problem. Clue: it’s all about the side-effects of anti-fungal drugs, the yeast’s resistance to anti-fungal drugs, the need for immediate symptoms relief, and the only practical way to keep yeast at bay long-term without using drugs on a regular basis.

Chapter 3: One of the important things is to be sure you really do have a yeast infection before you start any treatment.

The most common form of yeast, Candida albicans, is easy for a doctor to identity, but if you’re treating your infection at home it might not be so easy. That’s why the signs and symptoms of infection are reviewed in detail, with some diagnostic tests provided so you can check out what’s going on in your body.

Chapter 4: This chapter describes a powerful and quick acting treatment that gives you immediate relief from the symptoms of yeast infection using natural products.

This means that no matter whether you have a vaginal yeast infection, a penile yeast infection, a yeast infection in the mouth, on the nails, or anywhere else in the body, you can get complete relief from all the symptoms – including that terrible itching – within 12 hoursJust imagine how good that will feel!

These home remedies for yeast infection are all scientifically proven to work, and later on in this review I give you a few examples of the kind of research scientists are doing which proves beyond doubt how effective they really are.

Lower down I explain more about how you can get immediate “symptom-relief” using the home remedies Linda Allen describes in Chapter 4 of Yeast Infection No More review.

More importantly, I also reveal whether or not they actually work. And since I’m in the fortunate position of having been able to test it on myself, I can give you a definite answer to that question!

Chapter 5: Linda Allen describes this as an introduction to what she calls the “Quick Results Mini Program”. I’ll explain all about that later.

Chapter 6: And this is the real substance of the program. It consists of two sections, the first which contains five steps for getting rid of yeast infection permanently. 

This covers subjects as diverse as controlling Candida infection by changing your diet, enhancing your immune system, internal cleansing, using specific anti-yeast supplements to kill Candida, and ensuring that the balance of bacteria in your body is weighted towards the friendly bacteria by using probiotics.

The second section of this chapter covers supplementary techniques to boost your immune system. We know now that even antifungal drugs depend on your immune system being in good shape – if it isn’t they just don’t work properly.

So Yeast Infection No More explains what you can do to help improve your resistance to infection: this includes things such as relaxation through meditation, getting moderate exercise, reducing stress, and getting better sleep.

There are also some other things here about hygiene, sexual precautions, and lifestyle changes that will help you to maintain a Candida free environment in your body.

Yeast Infection No More - Bang On For Solving These Problems!

Yeast Infection No More – Bang On For Solving These Problems!

So these six chapters cover all you could ever need to know about curing yeast infection using a holistic system of home remedies.   

Before I go on to explain the contents in more detail, here’s a brief review of what’s in the four appendixes.

Appendix 1 describes complementary treatments for yeast infection. These are not home remedies for yeast infection – rather, Linda Allen is talking about “external” treatments that will improve your overall health and therefore increase your resistance to yeast infection: she reviews complementary therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.

These will all help to reduce the symptoms of yeast infection even though they are not part of the treatment program.

Appendix 2 gives a whole lot more detail on the detox diet and why it’s important as part of your self-treatment for Candida.

Appendix 3 is going to be of interest to people who know about Ayurvedic medicine since it is all about Ayurvedic detoxification.

And appendix 4 is an interesting one, which you may or may not find particularly relevant to you: it’s all about liver and gallbladder cleansing.

Fortunately, to make all this information more manageable, the 6 main chapters in the book are well spread out and break down into small sections. This means the information you need to cure your yeast infection can be reviewed quite quickly. 

In fact, in all its 240 pages, Yeast Infection No More is a really practical, easy-to-use system.

Here’s my video about it.

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No More Yeast Infection! This Review Shows Why!

Yeast Infection No More Reviewed

Chapter 1

Here, Linda Allen describes all the possible symptoms of Candida albicans infection. There are more of them than I ever thought possible.

You’ll probably recognize most of them immediately. Linda herself was having repeated vaginal yeast infections with some serious side-effects: fatigue, heartburn, stomach cramps and what she describes as “brain fog” (I think she means she couldn’t think clearly!)

She was also having problems with her breathing, stomach, gut, and suffered sinus and upper respiratory tract infections with constant nasal drainage.

Unsurprisingly, she started taking different compounds to relieve the symptoms individually. So for example, that included Pepto-Bismol for the heartburn, prescription medicines like Diflucan for the yeast infections (and all the others that you probably know about only too well!), and so on.

Of course, as you may also know only too well, these treatments produced only temporary relief.

In the face of a doctor who was apparently not very supportive, Linda then moved on to trying nutritional approaches, colloidal silver, homeopathic remedies, and so on… again all of which only produced short-term relief. And by this time there was no doubt what was wrong with her because she’d had a clear diagnosis of Candida overgrowth.

Through her own research, Linda discovered that some of the most effective cures for persistent illness were achieved by using a holistic approach. This prompted her to do even more research.

Eventually she created her 100% natural holistic yeast infection program to deal with both the direct and indirect symptoms of Candida infection.

This cured her bloating, fatigue, vaginal yeast infection, heartburn, and all her other symptoms including nasal drainage, brainfog, floaters in her eyes and skin rashes. She called it “Yeast Infection No More”.

And it is my review of Yeast Infection No More you are reading now.

This cure started life as a personal search for a cure for yeast infection, and now it’s the biggest selling self-help health eBook on the internet.

But this is not some airy-fairy solution. As this review will show, it’s practical, it’s real, and it works. It worked for Linda Allen and it will work for you. You may not believe that yet, especially if you’ve had years of yeast infections, but please read on, and you’ll see why. I’ll tell you all about the program and how it works.

Based on scientific principles, Yeast Infection No More is certainly an intelligent approach to good health, one which tackles both the root cause of yeast infection, eliminates its symptoms, and overcomes the factors that have caused the imbalances in your body that allow Candida to grow in the first place.

But, you may say, how do I actually know that the yeast infection treatment methods in the yeast infection no more eBook is more reliable than any other program? How do I know you, me and everybody can completely cure Candida albicans infection?

Well, to start with, I’ve actually seen the testimonials emailed to the publishers from satisfied customers.

Also, I’ve spoken directly to the author, Linda Allen, and in my judgment she’s a woman of great personal integrity. Her sincerity and genuine determination to help people with this program are clear.

And yes, of course, she makes money in the process, but then so does your doctor.

However, what was most important for me was that I used the system to cure my own genital yeast infection. That’s why I know it works.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. If you want to email her directly, feel free to do so! She welcomes enquiries. So here’s the truth: the author is honest and trustworthy, and the material she’s written is fact-packed, down-to-earth, and it works.

In addition, her heartfelt care for her clients who have a yeast infection and who buy this program shines forth on every page.

Back To Reviewing Yeast Infection No More

This treatment program is based on the principle that a single approach to yeast infection isn’t going to work. You need more. Treatment has to be a combination of different approaches which tackle every aspect of the problem.

Taking such a holistic approach will permanently get rid of your yeast infection and all of its side effects.

That means your brain will be much clearer, your thinking will be sharper, you will feel so much better, experience much less fatigue and have much more energy, and of course the very obvious symptoms of yeast infections such as genital itching or rashes will disappear forever.

You’re going to lose the bloated, uncomfortable feeling in your gut, and you’re generally going to improve your health in every way.

And you can buy Yeast Infection No More knowing there’s a full money-back guarantee for 60 days if you decide the product’s not suitable for you. What could be better, really? 

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Yeast Infection No More Review

Yeast Infection No More Review

 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 starts with a description of the different types of infection of the genitals in both men and women.

As you know, yeast isn’t the only form of genital infection, which means it’s important that you know what a yeast infection, or Candidiasis, as it’s known to the medical profession, looks like. This way, you can tell if you have some other kind of sexually transmitted infection. (Or you can check out the symptoms of yeast infection here.)

In fact Candida albicans is a fungus, related to yeast. It is just one of many yeasts that naturally lives in the human body. There are no more fungus than bacteria on the human body.

These yeasts are really quite important organisms because they can destroy harmful bacteria in the body. Indeed, you normally have a large population of Candida living inside your body when you are perfectly healthy.

The problems start when this natural population explodes and overwhelms other bacteria in the body such as Lactobacillus and Acidophilus. So a yeast infection really means a yeast overgrowth, a population explosion. But it’s convenient to call the result of this overgrowth a “yeast infection”.

Video on yeast infection

Now clearly yeast overgrowth doesn’t happen by chance. Something goes wrong with the body such as the loss of friendly bacteria, ever-greater build-up of toxins, an over-acid system, or consumption of foods that promote Candida growth. After all, enough of anything unnatural or harmful and the body is thrown out of balance: yeast is just one of many things that can go wrong.

That’s why it’s so hard to cure with conventional antifungals, unless you’re also doing something about the imbalances and problems that caused the massive yeast overgrowth in the first place.

Another subtlety of yeast infection is that all the symptoms I’ve been describing occur when Candida albicans transforms from its normal, harmless, “in-balance-with-the-body” state to a more virulent one which flourishes in the “out of balance” environment of the body.

During this unrestrained growth, Candida transforms into a different form, one that can actually penetrate the walls of your intestines with tiny little growths which branch out from its cells.This is the more harmful form of Candida.

The consequence of this is that both the Candida itself, and toxic waste materials, can get into your body through the wall of the gut. That in turn causes problems with food intolerance, leaky gut syndrome, and various rashes, as well as producing a distinctive white discharge from the vagina or penis.

Photos of yeast infection – vaginal infection and vaginitis

Yeast infection inside the vagina produces characteristic lumpy “clotted cheese” discharge


Vaginitis – yeast infection outside the vagina


Oral candida 


Author of Yeast Infection No More Linda Allen explains how two very toxic products of this yeast overgrowth – ethanol and acetaldehyde – can impact the body adversely, causing fatigue, migraines, lowered resistance to infection, rashes, and a whole host of other problems.

For women, it’s important to note that cyclical vulvovaginitis is a symptom of Candida overgrowth, as in fact are any external signs of fungal growth in men and women, such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, or skin rashes.

Your chance of fighting off a yeast infection is pretty slim if you take a single line of attack. And, needless to say, the most common approach is getting greater and greater numbers of prescription drugs from the doctor.

These may give you temporary relief but certainly won’t change the situation in the longer term. That is, not unless you tackle a whole variety of factors, the ones which create an environment in which Candida can grow out of control.

The truth is, you need to tackle several aspects of the problem using a good home remedy for yeast infection. As Linda Allen’s yeast infection plenty more eBook program shows, the most important factors that cause Candida yeast overgrowth are:

  • poor dietary choices and poor digestion
  • adverse variation in the acid alkaline balance of the body and problems with digestive enzymes and stomach function
  • a weakened immune system
  • failure to expel toxins from the body correctly through the digestive tract
  • and a loss of friendly probiotic bacteria, which can both cause Candida overgrowth and, moreover, is made worse by Candida overgrowth

To her credit, Linda Allen explains every one of these factors. She describes in full detail all the remedies you can use at home, which I suppose we could call home remedies for yeast infections, though it’s probably not appropriate to explain in detail every single factor in this review, so let’s just take the top one above.

Poor dietary choices include a diet high in refined carbohydrates and/or processed foods, or a diet that contains few foods that have the essential nutrients we all need for good health. This may not even be a junk food diet, because vegetables grown under modern conditions, i.e. intensively, often contain few nutrients.

That much is probably obvious; but when you combine that with highly refined products such white sugar, white flour and white rice in abundance, then you make things easy for Candida, which loves the simple straightforward carbohydrates found in those products.

Ths post continues immediately below. Information on other kinds of sexually transmitted infection can be found here. You can read lots more about yeast infection and various home remedies in yeast infection no more below here.

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Yeast Infection No More Chapters 2 and 3

Yeast Infection No More Review

Chapter 2

Linda Allen provides a clear and simple explanation of how to deal with all the factors that help yeast cells to flourish. For example, if you’re not eating food that contains the 40 essential vitamins and minerals necessary for good health, you’re creating an environment in your body in which Candida can grow.

And what she has to say about friendly probiotic bacteria is particularly interesting because I never knew that both antibiotics and stress gradually destroy the probiotic bacteria in the gut.

These bacteria are absolutely essential for combating viruses, parasites, bacteria and of course yeasts such as Candida; in fact, Candida is kept under control by probiotic bacteria. That explains why antibiotics given on prescription will often result in a yeast infection.

The role of stress is less obvious, but here’s how it works: when you’re stressed your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which reduces your body’s ability to sustain probiotic bacteria, and in turn reduces your body’s ability to defend against Candida overgrowth.

Again, you can see how there is real science behind the concept of yeast infection home remedies.

What I really like about Yeast Infection “Never Again” (yes, I know it’s No More, really, but I like the sound of “Never Again”!) is that it explains so many things that may be puzzling you: for example, in Chapter 2, Linda Allen also reviews the symptoms of a localized vaginal yeast infection compared to the more severe systemic vaginal infection which involves swelling of the vagina and discoloration of the vulva.

Other symptoms that arise from yeast infections are bleeding and swelling of haemorrhoids, and general fatigue and lethargy.

Photos of skin infection with yeast – Candida albicans

And mouth infection with Candida – also known as thrush

skin-yeast thrushcreativecommons yeast2 yeastpenis1


Bad enough? Yes, and these are not the only symptoms of yeast infection, there are a whole host of others as well!

For such problems the simplest home remedies for a Candida infection are probiotic bacteria cultures, though they do need to be supplemented with other aspects of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

In another website – dealing with how men can get an infection as well as women – I explain how probiotics bacteria may serve as an effective home remedy if you lavishly pour a culture of them over your genitals….the easiest place to get such a culture being live yogurt….. I leave the rest to your imagination! (No more information – I’ve already shred enough!)

I think it’s this information which makes this program so good, such a useful and practical manual for women and men alike. After all, it’s very reassuring to suddenly find an explanation of things that have been a complete mystery to you – especially if your doctor was unable to help you.

It’s inevitable that modern medicine will always look to its magic pills such as antifungal agents like Fluconazole or antibiotics. But “less is more”, so they say, and this might be true here.

But these may not be the right treatment – taking antibiotics, even with the best intentions, can result in elimination of the good bacteria in your body, allowing Candida to flourish. And this can result in all sorts of gut disorders, food sensitivities, severe allergies and even asthma.

I think if there were any demonstration of the fact that a holistic approach to medicine is required, there could be no clearer one than this; I’m pleased Linda Allen has taken the time and trouble to review in such detail how even severe health problems such as autoimmune disorders can be eliminated, even when they are the product of yeast infections.

I expect that for most people, a yeast infection is probably going to cause little more than a mild irritation, a rash, or perhaps intense itching. Even so, the first step in eliminating any problem is knowing what you’re dealing with. Having enough information is essential in curing this problem….

As I always say: knowledge is power, and reviewing Yeast Infection No More has certainly shown me how true that is when it comes to Candida problems

I’m not going to list any more of the zillion effects of Candida here, because the list is so long. If you’re faced with health problems that you don’t understand, it’s worth getting this eBook just to see if it might be a yeast infection causing them.

And if you know for sure that you have yeast infection, then you can see which of your symptoms is a product of the infection.

Linda Allen is particularly good in her review of the benefits of holistic medicine, and the limitations of conventional medicine in treating Candida.

Essentially, it comes down to this: a single narrow approach to treating Candida such as antifungal agents is always going to have side effects because it doesn’t take into account the whole picture.

Although antifungal agents can actually work quite effectively in the short term, their impact going to be limited in the longer term unless the environment in which Candida can flourish is neutralized.

Furthermore, like all bacteria and viruses, Candida albicans can mutate and develop resistance to antifungal agents. Indeed, fungal resistance to conventional drugs is becoming a major problem.

And if you’ve had a prescription from your doctor, you may already know that antifungal medication can have some unpleasant side effects. Just because some of these products have been deregulated and are now available over-the-counter, they’re not necessarily safe or free of side effects.

Regrettably, that may not be the case, and while you may be willing to trade off the side-effects of an anti-fungal medication for a short-term reduction in symptoms, the holistic approach is ultimately the one that’s going to benefit your body and keep Candida at bay long-term.

I think if you’ve been prescribed Gynazole, Butoconazole, Diflucan, Ketoconazole, or some other medication for treating yeast infection, but you’ve still experienced the return of the infection, then an obvious approach is to try something more natural, like yeast infection home remedies as described in Yeast Infection No More. This may mean you never again have to experience the parasitism of Candida.

Of course, you may also want to try something more natural, just from a philosophical point of view – in other words, you may simply believe that a “natural” treatment, a genuine home remedy for yeast infection, is better than a pharmaceutical medication.

This is a completely legitimate point of view for many reasons, not least because pragmatically, when all’s said and done, you’ve nothing to lose by trying the holistic approach, and you may actually have a great deal to gain.

Read on below for no more information about Yeast Problems and how to treat them.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 deals with the diagnosis of Candida. I can deal with this briefly, because obviously this whole review is based on the presumption that you’re actually looking for a holistic solution for yeast infection.

However Linda does describe the groups at highest risk of Candida infection, and she goes on to explain how to get the most comprehensive tests available to diagnose infection with Candida. She also explains how to use the home remedies for yeast infection that she describes.

She includes addresses of the companies who sell tests which will clearly show you whether you have Candida or not, and she also provides a very interesting self-questionnaire which can diagnose with a high degree of certainty whether or not you have this particular type of infection.

She also offers a great deal of advice on vaginal yeast infections, and how to approach a doctor to discuss this potentially embarrassing subject. There’s also information about a quick home test you can do – which will indicate whether or not you have an advanced yeast infection or a milder version.

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Killing Candida – Before It Kills You!

In Chapter 4 of Yeast Infection No More, Linda Allen starts with a basic 12 hour “relief” treatment which is designed to provide powerful, effective and total relief from the symptoms of yeast infection almost immediately, and certainly in no more than a maximum of 6 to 12 hours. 

This treatment continues to give relief from the symptoms while you go through the full holistic program described in Chapter 6 – that’s where you’ll find a permanent cure.

But back to Chapter 4. Here, Linda claims there’s an easy and safe way of dealing with these annoying symptoms of yeast infection very quickly, using simple, readily accessible materials which you will have at home or can find in your health food store.

The premise of this chapter is that by using materials such as garlic, yogurt, honey, a number of natural chemicals (including tea tree oil), probiotic bacterial cultures, and some other natural items, you can effectively eliminate the symptoms of Candida.

Now, it’s been known for a long time that things like tea tree oil are effective antifungal agents, because they’ve been used by native peoples in Australia for millennia. I think in the western world we’ve lost touch with how this and many other natural products can alleviate the symptoms of all kinds of illnesses and bodily problems.

Yet when you think about it, the existence of natural anti-fungal agents is not so surprising; we evolved in an environment which contained a whole range of plant and animal species which we learned to exploit for their medicinal properties. And lots of these natural antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic compounds will significantly improve the symptoms of any yeast infection; author Linda Allen lists the most easily obtainable ones. What’s interesting to me is that when I did some research on this I found there is now lots of scientific evidence that proves these natural remedies are genuine cures. You can see an example of this research here.

That’s only one piece of a whole body of research, I’m not going to bore you by giving you references to all the other scientific investigations that have been done on this subject. You can easily research on the Internet yourself if you wish. The point I’m getting at here is that in reviewing Yeast Infection No More, what I’m finding is that the scientific information that’s available is actually totally supportive of the information that Linda Allen has incorporated into the program: I see that as yet more proof of how well-researched and effective this program really is.

To be truthful, if I have any reservations about this program it’s that there is maybe too much information available, although I certainly understand why it’s been included. For those people who have a sceptical nature, or who need scientific proof – and let’s face it, in the area of health that’s a pretty sensible attitude to have – this is the kind of information that’s essential.

The material included is often based on scientific research – as listed here in Wikipedia. Here’s an example of how the derivatives of the castor oil plant can help – confirmation of the fact that the program is not only soundly based on good science, but also that it actually works. Even so, as I said before, sometimes I feel there is a bit too much information. Since I’ve reviewed Yeast Infection No More in detail, and coming from a professional scientific background myself, I can honestly say that the information here is sound and solid, and you can go ahead and skip some of the background information in this review and just “leap in” and buy the program (click here).

By the way, I’ve been in correspondence with Linda Allen and her publishers about the use of hydrogen peroxide in the treatment program. In my opinion there was some information that was a bit misguided because in the hands of an unwary person, hydrogen peroxide can be quite toxic, unlike many natural antiseptics. After an interesting discussion with the publishers I was delighted to see that they’ve actually removed the information I questioned from the program.

I think this shows they really care about what they’re doing and they act on feedback from people who review the program. They also listen to people who have comments to make about it. I see this as yet another reassuring sign of the quality of this company and its products in general, and Yeast Infection No More in particular. If you’re using home remedies for yeast infection symptoms, you need to be absolutely sure they are both safe and effective.

Linda Allen claims the 12 hour yeast relief program has been used by thousands of men and women suffering from yeast infection. And crazy though it may sound to smear yogurt all over your genitals (yes, this is one of the immediate relief techniques), as you may already know if you’ve tried it, this really helps reduce the intensity of the symptoms massively. Why? Because yogurt contains Lactobacillus and Acidophilus in huge quantities, and these are “good” probiotic bacteria that effectively destroy Candida and eliminate its symptoms. This is a great example of the kind of real science that lies behind yeast infection home remedies!

Other compounds which can do this include apple cider vinegar, honey, raw garlic, and all-natural herbal washes: each and every one of these treatments is described in detail with precise instructions about how to use it. They’ll give you immediate relief from the itching and irritation and the other symptoms of Candida that are so annoying and uncomfortable.


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What Can You Do To Cure Yeast Infection? (Review More Info Here!)

You’re thinking about trying Yeast Infection No More!

Good. Because I can testify, from personal experience, that these home remedies work. 

Back in 2010, having acquired a genital yeast infection from a long-term sexual partner, without understanding what it was initially, and then finding that we reinfected each other since we were making love without condoms, I bought Yeast Infection No More and used the immediate 12 hour relief program in Chapter 4.

Within 6 hours all of the itching and irritation around my genitals had disappeared, and within 12 hours all of the redness and soreness had also disappeared. By continuing to use this treatment for 3 days, the skin healed and the cracks and flaky skin that had been developing disappeared completely.

Photos of genital yeast infection

yeast3 yeastinfectioninmalepenis

I then went on to make some minor additional changes to my diet based on the long-term holistic yeast treatment set out in Chapter 6, and to my slight surprise (I must admit to being a little bit cynical at first) the problem cleared up completely and has never returned.

One of the great advantages of the natural remedies in the basic 12 hour relief treatment is that they all easily obtainable and very cheap – certainly a lot cheaper than prescription or over-the-counter medications like Canesten. And I think they are a lot safer too.

Chapter 4 is perhaps one of the most valuable of the whole program in my opinion, simply because of the immediate relief that you can get from such troublesome symptoms.

So great and quick is the relief that in my opinion, this chapter alone is worth the cost of the investment.

Review of Yeast Infection No More Chapter 5

As the author explains, Yeast Infection No More is a complete program of home remedies aimed at men and women who experience extra suffering from mild to severe forms of yeast infection which continue without long-term relief.

The main purpose of the treatment is to change the environment in the body for the better, so that it no longer allows massive and irritating yeast infections  to develop.

So while Chapter 4 of the book is about a short-term fix for the symptoms, and as you’ll have gathered from my review above, it’s one that’s immensely effective, it isn’t a long-term cure for the underlying cause of Candida albicans overgrowth.

Chapter 5 is a lighter and simpler program, a cut down version of Chapter 6, designed for dealing with yeast infections of a less severe nature; Chapter 6 is the heavy duty “big guns” for seriously bad infections.

I think this is a very neat and convenient solution for people who don’t have a infection serious enough to warrant following the whole program, as the “cut down” version in Chapter 5 is short, very practical, very simple, and easy to follow and yet can produce significant improvements in any Candida infection.

You get a series of protocols to follow that are designed to cover a period of between 8 and 10 weeks. They fall into several sections which are as follows:

  • dietary guidelines and improvements in digestion
  • immune system enhancement and natural nutritional supplementation
  • detoxing, parasite cleansing and liver cleansing
  • anti-Candida routines to prevent reinfection
  • replenishing probiotic bacteria (so-called friendly bacteria)
  • reducing stress, optimizing sleep, and ensuring you get enough exercise
  • using correct hygiene guidelines and taking sexual precautions to prevent reinfection on a daily basis

Yeast Infection No More Review Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is the main body of Yeast Infection No More, the full holistic system designed to permanently cure yeast infection and prevent its recurrence. It’s about yeast infection home remedies – the use of natural, wholesome, nutritionally balanced foods or essential oils like tea tree as antifungal agents.

These are not prescription medications and they can be used at home, which makes them home remedies as far as I’m concerned – but I can understand why Linda Allen prefers the term “holistic” – it encompasses many approaches which include taking responsibility for your own well-being and your own health, and goes deeper than a quick, short-term solution.

After all, the symptoms of a Candida infection indicate some underlying imbalance in the body. But most of all holistic means restoring full vitality and good health.

Even though you may not know it right now, any yeast infection which pervades your body is going to be depriving you of energy, it’s going to be sapping your immune system, and it’s going to be giving you a variety of symptoms of greater or lesser inconvenience such as bloating, flatulence, abdominal cramps, genital irritation, skin rashes… and so on.

The idea that each and every one of us can take individual responsibility for our own health is somewhat radical: we’re accustomed, I think, in many parts of the Western world to look to medical science to provide “a pill for every ill”.

But the truth is there are many people who don’t have medical cover, and there are plenty of people who for one reason or another have moved away from conventional medicine to a more self-reliant form of healthcare.

This Yeast Infection No More review describes a system that’s going to eliminate the factors that make it possible for yeast infection to thrive inside your body, but without the cost and the side effects of either over-the-counter or prescription medications.

If used correctly, it’s my belief that home remedies are 100% effective. And of course they are extremely easy to use.

More to the point, you won’t have any of the unpleasant side effects that you can easily get with over-the-counter and prescription medications like fluconazole.

By the way, I haven’t actually mentioned that my partner is a holistic therapist. She sees this kind of thing in her clients every day, and has recommended yeast infection no more to them several times, with complete success in all but one case.

As I said before,  yeast infection home remedies will cure the infection and eliminate its symptoms once and for all, ensure it never comes back, and maintain perfect health.

This is because you are permanently eradicating Candida albicans infection by neutralizing the environment in your body that keeps it alive and allows it to thrive.

By implementing the steps in Yeast Infection No More‘s home remedy program are you going to be able to go beneath the symptoms of this problem and cure it once and for all.

The result of this commitment is that you’re going to be feeling relieved, energized, vibrant, young, mentally alert, physically fit, healthy and alive in a way you may never have felt before!

Also, bear in mind that although you may be thinking of some of these remedies as a little unconventional, they can actually be quite powerful chemicals with the ability to act as antifungal agents.

You can review yeast infection treatments using control by natural agents here, just to get a sense of how effective these natural remedies can be.

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Review of Chapter 6 Part 1

The Six Steps of the Yeast Infection No More “Candida Control Diet” and the Best Ways to Optimize Your Digestion

As we’ve already mentioned elsewhere on this website, Candida albicans is an organism that can mutate – like all bacteria and viruses – and it can live in every part of the body.

This is called morphogenesis, and dimorphism is the state of existing in two forms, as Candida does. Moreover, these two kinds of fungal dimorphism have widely differing effects in the human body.

It isn’t possible to eliminate it completely, and indeed it’s not necessary or desirable to do so, because it’s actually one of the organisms your body needs – in balance – to stay healthy.

The object of Yeast Infection No More is to help you create an environment in which it can’t overgrow and do the harm that is possible when it eliminates the good bacteria in your body (aka probiotics).

Step 1

The six dietary principles of the Candida Control Diet are as follows:

  • eliminating processed food
  • reducing or eliminating refined carbohydrates
  • consuming natural foods that support a well-balanced immune and hormonal system
  • eating a lot of raw food
  • avoiding anything that you may be allergic to or suspect you are allergic to
  • eating the foods that will ensure that the acid alkaline balance of your body remains correct and ensuring that your digestion works properly, which is partly a product of eating the right things, but also has a great deal to do with how you eat them.

Once again Linda Allen goes into full detail about this, so I’m not going to list every single aspect of this part of the program, but I’ll give you one example.

We know that antibiotics can eliminate the good bacteria in your gut, the probiotics necessary to your body’s health. That’s one of the reasons why antibiotics often lead to infection with Candida.

What you may not know is that dairy products and indeed a lot of meat that’s been raised intensively also contains antibiotics (they are – legally and illegally – are used as growth promoters).

Regrettably it’s also true that dairy products can be loaded with hormones injected into cows in order to increase their milk-yield.

Whatever you think about the politics that have allowed such an agricultural system to develop, the fact is this: if you’re consuming much milk and many meat products that contain antibiotics and hormones, you’re constantly taking into your body more and more substances which eliminate the good bacteria and allow yeast like Candida to flourish.

Clearly you have to change this if you want to eliminate yeast infection from your body. That doesn’t mean a dramatic and complete change of diet. What it means is being more selective about where you buy your produce, and how much of it you consume.

It follows that if you buy milk and meat from sources that are known to be pure (i.e. antibiotic and hormone free) then you’re eliminating immediately one of the substances that allows Candida infection to flourish in your body.

Another example is the amount of sugar that we consume in the Western world. As human beings we are genetically engineered to look for sugar: it’s a high energy fix that would have been vital to our ancestors.

Unfortunately, for us, the majority of the sugar we consume does not come as complex carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables, or perhaps even raw honey, it comes out of a packet from the supermarket in its most concentrated form — pure sucrose.

Here’s what the author of Yeast Infection No More has to say about it: “Sugar is one of Candida’s favorite foods. Processed sugar is sugar cane is being stripped of its essential fiber and nutrients. White processed sugar is 100% chemical element… one which causes blood sugar levels to increase dramatically and quickly. The pancreas produces extra amounts of insulin to help the body metabolize the glucose in the sugar. This extra insulin quickly causes low blood sugar levels, which results in low energy and fatigue… with continued overconsumption of sugar this process can lead to diabetes. But that’s not all.

Whenever sugar is consumed, the body also produces other androgenic hormones to metabolize the glucose. These extra androgenic hormones stress the liver and create hormonal imbalance, which may lead to yeast infection. Furthermore the liver converts sugar into long chain fats that pollute your blood and may certainly aggravate yeast infection.

Sugar can also damage the immune system, produce an acidic stomach environment ideal for Candida, and cause food allergies (one of the symptoms of allergies is yeast infection), increase the size of the liver and disrupt it from filtering toxins and used hormones, and encourage the development of bacteria in the colon.

This means more stress on the organs of elimination, more toxins and more yeast infection. I urge you to remember this: stay away from white sugar and eliminate it entirely from your diet even if you don’t have a yeast infection.”

Maybe the simplest home remedy for yeast infection is to change your diet!

Continue reading below to find out more about the extra and supplementary additions about steps 2 to 6 of the Candida control diet.

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Yeast Infection No More Chapter 6

Continued from above…

Now on the face of it this may seem like a very harsh piece of advice, and if you’re fond of sugar, one that’s going to be quite difficult to follow.

Fortunately, one of the really helpful things Yeast Infection No More reviews is the wide range of foods you can eat that are actually more satisfying and enjoyable than those which can contribute to Candida.

In every case where certain foods encourage the development of Candida infection your body, Linda Allen recommends suitable alternatives. In this section, she also includes information on the possible effects of eating

  • refined white flour and processed cereal grains
  • hydrogenated and partly hydrogenated fats and oils
  • red and fatty meats
  • egg whites
  • yeasty foods
  • red wine and beer
  • vinegar
  • processed foods
  • pressure treated and heat treated foods
  • other forms of alcohol
  • caffeine
  • and additional information on many more subjects.

This information couldn’t possibly be more comprehensive. And she reviews it clearly and simply, so that you understand exactly what the possible consequences of ingesting certain types of food might be.

She offers extra suggestions about how you can give up these foods really easily, as well as describing delicious alternatives which are both healthy and appealing.

But of course eating well and creating a bodily environment which does not sustain Candida isn’t just about avoiding, reducing or eliminating certain foods, it’s also about increasing the intake of foods which can be helpful to the body.

The Yeast Infection No More dietary advice contains information on what you should be eating: including the type and amount of each sort of foodstuff that you need for good health.

This is practical information that is easy to follow, and it’s vital information if you have a yeast infection you want to cure. These home remedies for yeast infection can do that for you, as part of a holistic cure.

If you are accustomed to consuming certain types of food and drink – fast food or junk food and alcohol for example – then reducing or eliminating these things from your diet means you can get rid of the Candida infection and also substitute delicious foods for the harmful ones.

The decision to do nothing means keeping the Candida infection and all its symptoms and continuing to consume the foods you enjoy but which may not be good for you. It’s not a hard choice to decide to employ these home remedies, which have immense power against yeast infections!

As I review the program, I see that the author takes great pains to help people understand what they can do to make the transition to a different way of eating much easier and simpler. I haven’t seen any other website describing these choices in a better fashion.

You can change your diet without too much trouble using these ideas, but of course you may need support….. the good thing is that there’s an e-mail support system which will answer all your questions within 24 hours. I checked this out myself, and I know it works.

This supplementary information is yet another invaluable aspect of this program, an extra way in which it’s actually made it easy for you to eat the foods that will eliminate Candida from your body.

Step 2: Anti-Candida Foods

Very briefly, this part of the eBook of Yeast Infection No More describes what you should be eating, and the best form in which to take it. Among other things, it describes the optimum daily level of fat consumption, and which fats you need to avoid, as well as which fruits, cereals, vegetables, beans, pulses and grains to eat.

You even get a whole load of delicious food supplements you can actually enjoy taking!

Once again, the author explains why these foods and supplements work the way they do and why they are so good in keeping Candida at bay. She also explains the many advantages there are for you if you take more of them.

Remember, as always, we must treat home remedies for yeast infection as seriously as we treat medical products. Allicin, as I mentioned in another post, acts in synchrony with anti-fungal agents to enhance the action of the latter. It’s not a home remedy in its own right, but it is a powerful anti-yeast substance.

The list of foodstuffs – good and bad – that have an impact on Candida is so thoughtfully laid out and so complete. This proves three things to me: how much effort has gone into producing this, how much time has been taken to ensure the program is well-written, and how much time has been taken to find many pieces of information drawn from all over the place.

Continue reading below to discover more about “yeast infection no more”.

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Yeast Infection Cured – Once and For All!

Yeast Infection No More Review Chapter 6 Steps 3 -6

Step 3: Maintaining the correct acid / alkaline balance in the body.

I didn’t know before reading Linda Allen’s own Yeast Infection No More review that the body functions best with a slightly alkaline chemistry.

Unfortunately a lot of the food we eat is quite acidic in nature: so to enjoy the best of health it’s necessary to consume foods that promote alkaline conditions in the body. The consequences of over-acidity are explained in step 3, and the foods that you can take to create more alkaline, more suitable and natural, conditions inside the body are also listed.

Step 4: The Importance of Raw Food

Now don’t panic! This does not mean you have to convert your diet to raw fruit and vegetables, finely grated, at every meal time! Raw food is supplementary, an addition to your diet, more a back-up than anything else.

This is simply about the fact that raw food has definite advantages for the body — producing an environment in which yeast cells like Candida can’t multiply out of control being just one of them.

So the basic message here is that you should up the amount of raw food you’re eating in your diet, to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for good health.

And good food is easier for the body to digest. Even better, it doesn’t have to be boring! There are endless varieties of mouth-watering foods bursting with flavor and zest which you can prepare from raw materials.

Step 5: Avoiding Food Allergens

Whether you know it or not, if you have a yeast infection, you probably have some kind of food allergy. Additional clues will be the way you feel after eating certain foods.

So the first thing is to identify what these allergies might be, and then to adopt a diet which excludes substances to which you are sensitive. (I tried to do this once, without the guidance of a program like Yeast Infection No More, and I can tell you that it was pretty challenging!)

But with the help of the systems Yeast Infection No More provides you should be able to identify your allergies quite quickly, which means you can eliminate them from your diet and add yet another defense against Candida infection to your armory.

Step 6: Optimizing Digestion

This is simply about adopting correct eating habits. Although that may sound simple, optimal digestion is just as important as the quality of the food you eat.

This means looking at which foods you eat, the way you eat them, and how you combine the foods you eat. It’s a very revealing and fascinating insight into how a modern Western lifestyle – including such things as inappropriate food combinations, hastily gulping down meals, and so on – can affect the body’s natural ability to defend itself against infection.

You’ll be astonished by what you learn here, and even if you don’t change your diet, I suspect some of these simple ideas could really transform your health for the better. You might have heard of systems of combining particular types of food to put less stress on the digestive system; you may even have tried a food combination diet. More or less, this means avoiding certain food groups at the same meal.

If so, you’ll know it isn’t so easy…..unless you have a review of Yeast Infection No More at hand!

The reasons why food combining can be so beneficial are explained in detail, and the perfect combinations of food you can eat are also listed for you. It’s a lot simpler than you might expect, and a clear signpost to good health.

I like to think of it as establishing much better communication with your body. When you think about it, we’re all a bit cut off from our bodies and what they might be telling us…. so if you take the time to listen into your body and establish better communication with it, you might be amazed at how it responds with good health and additional energy!

And there isn’t anything mystical or mysterious about this process. An example of good communication with your body would be to tune in and discover how to distinguish real hunger from food cravings, addiction, the need for food as relief from boredom, or the need for food to supply excitement or a sugar hit.

When you know how to tune into your body and find out what it really wants, you’re never going to be fooled by the things that your mind is telling you: like, for example, “I must have ice cream right now.”

There’s nothing wrong with ice cream, but eating it just because you have a craving for it, isn’t going to help your health in general, or your Candida infection in particular. Reviewing how your body responds to such things is vital in establishing good health. This yeast infection no more review is genuine and independent.

Watch this extraordinary explanation of yeast infection in men and women.

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Yeast Infection No More – Chapter 6 Continued

Our review of Chapter 6 of Yeast Infection No More explains how it also describes internal cleansing and detoxification.

I think it’s obvious that if you’ve been eating a diet that doesn’t suit your body, and especially if it’s been producing toxins, then a good cleansing program will not only release you from many disease symptoms – in particular yeast infection – but it will also give you mental clarity, a boost to your energy, and a much more positive mental attitude.

In fact, the reality is that yeast problems respond extremely well to the process of cleansing, and so a three-day juice cleansing is an optional step in the Yeast Infection No More system. It allows you to cleanse your gut, expel toxic substances from your body, and re-balance and normalize your entire body’s biochemistry.

Once again, there are complete instructions on how to manage a cleansing of your body; and you’re given a choice of several methods that you can use for this. Fasting is one option, though you do get to enjoy some delicious foodstuffs while you fast, so things could be worse!

If you decide to fast – and this is the way to do it easily and painlessly – there’s also some very practical and useful advice in Yeast Infection No More on how to recognize when it’s time to break the fast, tips for a successful fast, and various options such as the three-day juice cleanse (which actually allows you to consume much more than just juice).

You can also read about things to consume and not consume as you cleanse, and how to prepare the food you consume during a cleanse.

It’s really valuable information, gathered together in a form that you won’t find anywhere else, with recommendations about where you can actually get the products you need to take to aid in purification and detoxification. Excellent!

As part of a cleanse, and also for your ongoing diet, Allen describes exactly what you should be looking out for if you’re juicing fruit and vegetables, how you should consume these products, what you might expect to happen when you do, and what to do about symptoms that might develop as you detoxify.

There’s also a lot of information on how you can actually assist your body to eliminate and remove toxins. This isn’t just about eliminating toxins from the colon: it’s also about helping the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin to assist the body in the process of detoxification. The more information you have, the better things tend to go for you.

For those who are really dedicated to the idea of cleansing the body there’s a whole section in Yeast Infection No More reviews how to remove a buildup of toxic waste from the colon using enemas.

This information, I think, is extremely valuable, because it removes any sense of unpleasantness from the process and explains why colon cleansing can help you to better health.

More importantly, the author explains the processes you should use during a colon cleanse to ensure the detox enema goes smoothly and that the good intestinal bacteria which are flushed out in the cleansing are replaced after you’ve had the enema.

And it’s not actually an unpleasant process if you do it yourself, in the privacy of your own home. Indeed it can be – dare I say it?– relaxing and even enjoyable. Regardless of that, it’s certainly a good way to clean up your bodily environment and so prevent Candida from flourishing.

One key element of a good diet that will keep Candida at bay is extracting the highest possible level of nutrients and vitamins from fruit and vegetables by juicing them.

Not only does this allow you to produce delicious and extremely healthful drinks, it allows you to maintain a good bodily environment after you’ve gone through cleansing and purification protocols. Better, healthier, fitter, more energy, no more health niggles… what more could you want?

Juicing is quite an art, because you need a machine that extracts juice at low speeds and low temperatures: once again, Linda Allen comes to the rescue in Yeast Infection No More, reviewing a particular model that will fulfill all the requirements for maintaining the nutritional value of the food that you put in it.

There is also information in this section on heavy metal cleansing (which means getting rid of lead, silver and mercury from the body), how to recognize a “healing crisis”, and what to do about. In case this concept is new to you, I’ll just explain a little bit about what it means.

The healing crisis is a natural part of any process of purification and elimination during which the body is working to expel waste products and regenerate itself into a balanced state.

Essentially the healing crisis is the result of the toxins being released and removed. This can happen in several ways, such as by fasting or cleansing. Clearly the more intense the fast or cleanse, the faster the toxins will be released, and so the worse you’re going to feel.

Typical symptoms of detoxification include headaches, emotional symptoms, tiredness, possibly nausea… and so on. It’s important to understand that during any detoxification process these symptoms are normal – they are an indication that your body is naturally rebalancing.

All of the stages of a healing crisis and how to deal with them are explained in Yeast Infection No More, together with an explanation of what you can do to minimize the impact of the symptoms on yourself and accelerate the healing process.

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